Why Tablet (TAB) course is costly than other options?

The simple answer to this is the cost of TAB. we have added around Rs. 10,000 extra because we have to buy a specific type of tab to pre load your lectures onto the tab and then ship it to you. So it is costing extra.

Can I see a sample Video?

Definitely Yes. You can talk to our UGC NET Expert on given numbers and ask for a Demo Video Lecture. In fact, we insist you should see a demo video before making the payment. So there is no confusion in what you are about to order.

Can I extend the validity Later on (After Buying)?

No, you cannot extend the validity after buying. So please take your decision wisely. Its better to shell out some extra money at the time of buying so that you do not regret later and have taken enough validity to revise and re-revise the video content.

What if I need to format my system, Will this Pen Drive still be working?

Yes, you can play videos afterwards too There is no restrictions on number of users. you can play videos on one or many systems but only on one system at a time using the combination of these 2 USB Drives (Video Pen Drive & USB License Dongle). As we mentioned before just plug Pendrive in […]

What do you mean by VIDEO’s Validity?

As Videos are encrypted with time validity. Videos won’t play after given validity of time. However there are various options to buy a video with extended validity at a very nominal cost. This needs to be done before placing the order.

What are the System Requirements?

Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 is required. The system should be an Unblocked system. (Laptops which are given to employees by their companies may NOT suite the purpose) Minimum 2 Free USB Ports to connect Video Pen Drive & USB License Dongle.