Previous Paper Discussion

ASTRAL EDUCATION presents you with our Live Virtual Previous Papers Discussion Program for UGC NET Preparation. This will be a One – on – One Previous Papers Discussion using Video Chat Technology. The faculties for this are the Subject Matter Experts who are UGC NET Qualified / Ph. D. and have several years of teaching experience into UGC NET & other related domains.

These classes are one of the best resources for any student because it gives a chance for 100% knowledge transformation from teacher to student.

Subjects Available:

We have the following subjects available in Live Virtual Previous Papers Discussion Program:

  • Paper-1 : Teaching & Research Aptitude (Code # 00)
  • Economics (Code # 01)
  • Political Science (Code # 02)
  • Psychology (Code # 04)
  • Commerce (Code # 08)
  • Management(Code # 17)
  • Mass Communication & Journalism (Code # 63)
  • Computer Science & Applications (Code # 87)
  • Tourism Administration & Management(Code # 93)


We are very comfortable when it comes to timing of the classes; however we always request you to fix up a slot well in advance to avoid inconvenience. The usual duration for a class is 2-3 hours.

Delivery Methodology:

  1. Just choose the course, subject & time slot with us.
  2. Make the payment into company’s account.
  3. After deciding a common video chatting platform, our faculty will be delivering you a live virtual class, will solve the paper with you and will share the resources with you such as Presentation, notes (documents, PDF) wherever necessary.
  4. You are free to ask your doubts from the faculty.

Minimum System Requirements:

Generally the courses at a minimum require:

  • Google Hangout/ Skype / Yahoo Messenger installed onto your system (latest version)
  • A high speed internet broadband connection or data card
  • Webcam, Microphone, speakers (built in or external)
  • Appropriate Windows version to conduct video chat

Even if you are not a tech savvy and do not understand the above technical specifications, you just get in touch with us, we will let you know what actually you need to get done & that too in layman’s language.

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