Online Notes

ASTRAL EDUCATION presents you with our Online Notes (Presentations) for UGC NET Preparation. This is based on our state of art dedicated student’s portal which gives you an access to unit wise presentations. These presentations are prepared by the faculties who are the Subject Matter Experts, UGC NET Qualified / Ph. D. and have several years of teaching experience into UGC NET & other related domains.

These UGC NET notes are one of the best resources for any student because it gives a chance for knowledge transformation from teacher to student.

Subjects Available:

We have the following subjects available in ONLINE NOTES (PRESENTATION):

  • Paper-1 : Teaching & Research Aptitude (Code # 00)
  • Economics (Code # 01)
  • Political Science (Code # 02)
  • Psychology (Code # 04)
  • Commerce (Code # 08)
  • Management(Code # 17)
  • Mass Communication & Journalism (Code # 63)
  • Computer Science & Applications (Code # 87)
  • Tourism Administration & Management(Code # 93)


As these presentations are available 24 x 7 on our dedicated student’s portal so you can study any time as per your convenience.

The validity for your login ID & Password will be valid till the next coming examination.

For e.g. If you enroll on any day between 15 December to 14 June – your login credentials will be valid till 30 June; of that year.

If you enroll on any day between 15 June to 14 December – your login credentials will be valid till 31 December of that year.


Delivery Methodology:

  1. Just choose the course, subject.
  2. Make the payment into company’s account.
  3. We will provide you with a Login ID & Password via Email on the email ID which you have provided at the time of registration.
  4. After getting the login details, you are free to login and view the presentations anytime during your valid login period.


Minimum System Requirements:

Generally online notes (presentation) course run at a minimum system requirement:

  • A computer with internet broadband connection or data card
  • Appropriate software (if not we will help you in downloading)

Even if you are not a tech savvy and do not understand the above technical specifications, you just get in touch with us, we will let you know what actually you need to get done & that too in layman’s language.


Fees Details:

(Power point Presentations)


Paper-1, 2/3

Rs. 16,000

Only Paper-1

Rs. 5,000

Only Paper-2/3

Rs. 13,000


(Such as Management, Commerce, Economics, and Tourism Administration & Management etc.)

Paper-1, 2/3

Rs. 13,000

Only Paper-1

Rs. 5,000

Only Paper-2/3

Rs. 10,000


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