Doubt Sessions

ASTRAL EDUCATION presents you with our Live Doubt Sessions for UGC NET Preparation. This will be a One – on – One Live Doubt Session using Video Chat Technology. The faculties for this are the Subject Matter Experts who are UGC NET Qualified / Ph. D. and have several years of teaching experience into UGC NET & other related domains.

These classes are one of the best resources for any student because it gives a chance for 100% knowledge transformation from teacher to student.

Subjects Available:

We have the following subjects available in Live Doubt Sessions:

  • Paper-1 : Teaching & Research Aptitude (Code # 00)
  • Economics (Code # 01)
  • Political Science (Code # 02)
  • Psychology (Code # 04)
  • Commerce (Code # 08)
  • Management(Code # 17)
  • Mass Communication & Journalism (Code # 63)
  • Computer Science & Applications (Code # 87)
  • Tourism Administration & Management(Code # 93)


We are very comfortable when it comes to timing of the doubt sessions; however we always request you to fix up a slot well in advance to avoid inconvenience. The duration for 1 doubt session is 1 hour.

Delivery Methodology:

  1. Just choose the course, subject & time slot with us.
  2. Email the list of doubts on, so that while taking the session faculty is ready with complete resources / notes.
  3. Make the payment into company’s account.
  4. After deciding a common video chatting platform, our faculty will be delivering you a live doubt session, and will share the resources with you such as Presentation, notes (documents, PDF) wherever necessary.

Minimum System Requirements:

Generally the courses at a minimum require:

  • Google Hangout/ Skype / Yahoo Messenger installed onto your system (latest version)
  • A high speed internet broadband connection or data card
  • Webcam, Microphone, speakers (built in or external)
  • Appropriate Windows version to conduct video chat

Even if you are not a tech savvy and do not understand the above technical specifications, you just get in touch with us, we will let you know what actually you need to get done & that too in layman’s language.

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